Take it From an Employment Lawyer Who Stood Up to His Boss and Won

Once a victim of workplace discrimination prior to law school, Mr. Liszka has made a career defending the right of people to be free of civil rights abuses by their employer.

Get the tips and tricks to winning a case of workplace discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in New York City. Our tested method of advocacy combines years of experience, case analysis, and public opinion research to get the highest awards possible. We will walk you through the process, step-by-step, to ensure you are getting the best results, whether in private negotiations or full-blown litigation.



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Zachary J. Liszka, Esq.


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When I spoke to Zach he listened and understood the complexities of my case, that I can honestly say other attorneys didn't understand. THANK YOU ZACH =D He worked extremely quickly and efficiently...unbelievably GREAT attorney and what made me so comfortable is that he is the only person I had to speak to throughout it all, he always responded to my calls, my questions and concerns quickly and was always updating me on the status of my case, he is really passionate and dedicated to his work. Look no further.
– C.B.
Zach is quite simply an incredible lawyer and person.  Zach took the time to listen and asked thoughtful, intelligent questions to make sure he really understood my situation before deciding he could help me.  It's clear to me that he truly does care about regular, working people. I would strongly recommend his services without a moment's hesitation.
– E.C.