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New York City Tip Pooling Attorney Explains the Laws

What is the law when it comes to tip pooling in New York City? As an employment lawyer, I get asked that question all the time. Here are the tip pool laws that apply to New York City if you're…

Wage Increases For New Yorkers: What Will it Mean For Tipped Workers?

Tipped employees--like servers and bartenders--are abuzz about pay raises that begin 2016 in New York.  For the past four years, tipped employees were paid a "sub-minimum" wage rate of $5.00 per. Starting December 29, 2015, that rate is now $7.50…

Unpaid Interns May Gain Right to Sue For Workplace Discrimination

On Monday, January 11th, the House of Representatives passed a bill that will protect unpaid federal interns from discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation in the workplace. Current Laws Allow Employers to Discriminate, Harass and Retaliate Against Unpaid Interns Currently, paid…

Women’s Equality Act Takes Effect: Here’s What you Should Know

The Women's Equality Act takes effect January 19, 2016 in New York. The new laws include workplace protections that: - Make it harder for employers to wiggle out of sex-based pay disparity lawsuits. - Include employers of all sizes in…

NFL Team to Cheerleaders: Wash Your Private Parts Like This

Cheerleaders Mis-Classified as Independent Contractors Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders are suing their employer for misclassifying them as independent contractors, scamming them out of wages and subjecting some to a sexually-charged hostile work environment, according to their lawsuit filed in New York.…

Fired for Having Kids? Now There is a Law Against That

It’s a fact of life: children and the elderly need care. Historically, women have been the primary caregivers of these two groups. As more women enter the workforce, the need for protection from workplace discrimination based on “caregiver status” becomes…